Why Bigger Furnace Doesn’t Mean Better Performance

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As time passes by, your furnace will start to deteriorate. Eventually, it will fail. When this happens, you have no other option but to replace it. When this day comes, you might want to purchase a more oversized furnace, thinking it’s more powerful and will heat your house more quickly and efficiently.? 

Unfortunately, that is not the case. 

When it comes to any HVAC unit, bigger does not mean better. This is particularly true when it comes to your furnace. The truth is that choosing a more oversized furnace might even result in more issues instead of making your house comfortable. You’ll spend a lot of money on?furnace repair Nampa Idaho?services.? 

So, why shouldn’t you choose a more oversized furnace? Here are some reasons.? 

Short Cycling 

Short cycling is a prevalent issue for oversized furnaces. This happens whenever your furnace turns off too quickly for the house to reach the desired temperature.? 

So, why does this happen? Well, your furnace is overheating. Because it is too big for your house, it produces more heat than your home can use. Unfortunately, this heat can accumulate during operation. 

As time passes, your furnace will accumulate too much heat that the unit will reach dangerous temperatures. When this happens, the safety sensors of the furnace will automatically shut it down.? 

Because of this, your home will not warm up properly, and you will damage your furnace if you continue using it. 

Short Lifespan 

When short cycling happens too often, it will not be suitable for the health of your furnace. Note that short cycling frequently occurs on the oversized furnace than on the perfect-sized one.? 

Because of this, your oversized furnace will fail sooner than an appropriately sized furnace for your home.? 

At the very least, you will strain your unit’s heat exchanger and push it to the point where you will have to replace or repair it.? 

In addition, since your oversized furnace is frequently overheating, its crucial components will also get damaged. 

It’s Not Efficient 

Whether you believe it or not, your oversized furnace will not heat your home more effectively than a perfectly sized unit.? 

This is because a furnace will not reach its peak efficiency levels until after it has gone through the warmup phase. Unluckily, an oversized furnace will quickly heat up so that it won’t reach the right temperature before shutting down.? 

Of course, since your house still needs to be at the right temperature, your furnace will operate again after a couple of minutes. Then, it will rinse and repeat the process.? 

Uneven Heat Distribution 

A lot of homeowners complain about sections of their homes being hotter than others. This issue is pretty typical for homeowners with oversized furnaces.? 

If you’ve got an oversized furnace, the rooms close to your furnace will be uncomfortably hot. On the other hand, the rooms far from the furnace will not heat up at all. Fortunately, you won’t experience this issue if your furnace is perfectly sized for your home.? 

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