Hatching chicks, Career Portfolio, Purim is coming!

Dear Parents and Students, With Presidents’ Day on Monday and a snow closing on Tuesday, we had an abbreviated school week. However, the activities of the three remaining days compensated for the loss.  We welcome the fertilized eggs and incubator into our first grade classroom.  The students constantly check on the eggs for any sign […]

Published Authors, Read to Succeed, New Chicks, New Siddur, E2K!

Dear Parents, The “World of Imagination Literature Fair” was a true depiction of the children’s writing talents.  The books were well written and beautifully displayed.  All of our visitors enjoyed reading the masterpieces and writing a book review on them.  Congratulations to; Michal Zoppel, Matty Stein, Rivky Falk, Gabby Abramov, Emma Shalmiyev, Ovadia Ben-Attar, Noya […]

Tu B’Shvat, Blessings and Brachos Bee, Literature Fair, Purim is Coming!

Dear Parents and Students,  All of our students had a wonderful experience at our school-wide Tu B’shvat (15th day of Shevat) activity.  Under the guidance of Rabbi Chinn, the sixth, seventh and eighth grade boys directed a well-planned and educational program.  Being that Tu B’shvat is celebrated as the New Year for trees, the students […]